3 Methods Of Brick Repair

Brick is one of the most iconic materials used in construction today. Brick structures are capable of withstanding the test of time as long as they are maintained properly.

Chips and cracks that form in the surface of your brickwork can compromise the beauty of your building. Brick repair is a valuable tool that you can use to restore damaged brickwork before minor issues become major structural problems.

1. Colored Mortar

One of the easiest ways to repair minor brick damage is with colored mortar. After the damaged area has been thoroughly cleaned and all loose particles eliminated with compressed air, colored mortar can be applied to a chip or crack.

Colored mortar is custom-made to match the appearance of your brick building. A brick of matching color is pulverized to create a fine brick dust. This dust is mixed with mortar until it achieves the right consistency. An experienced mason can then use the colored mortar to restore the damaged face of each brick that needs repairs.

2. Silicone Caulking

Another common method of brick repair involves the use of silicone caulking. This repair method is typically reserved for cracks or chips that are on the smaller side. Silicone caulking can be molded into shape by an experienced mason using a trowel.

Once the caulking has been pushed into the crack or chipped area, brick dust can be pressed into the caulking to help camouflage the repair.

Although silicone caulking won't create as seamless a repair as colored mortar, the repaired area is usually so small that the slight discoloration between repairs and the existing brickwork won't be noticed.

3. Brick Replacement

There are some types of damage that are so severe, they cannot be patched. If you are able to fit a dime into a crack in your brickwork, more intensive repair is needed. In order to repair major brick damage, the affected brick must be removed and replaced with a new one.

A masonry contractor can remove a damaged brick without causing any lasting structural damage. Once the new brick has been installed, a masonry contractor will be able to age the brick so that its appearance is consistent with the rest of your existing brickwork.

Don't let damaged bricks bring the appearance and stability of your building down. Work with a masonry company like G.H. Erickson & Son to repair damaged brick through colored mortar, silicone caulking, or brick replacement so that your building will be able to withstand the test of time.