Maintaining An Unused Well

The addition of a neighborhood to a city water system doesn't mean an underground well water source needs to be closed off. However, if you're not going to use the well, you need to either decommission it permanently or maintain it as if it were going to be used again in the future. If you choose the second option and have already been using the well, continue with your regular maintenance. If you just bought the property and will be using city water only but want to keep the well in good shape, call a well water contractor to help create a maintenance plan.

Maintaining the Surrounding Land

As years go by, the soil around the mouth of the well will erode due to wind and rain. You must maintain a slope around the mouth of the well so that any soil running off, and any water running toward the well, will not enter the mouth of the well. Everything should drain or run away from the mouth. The land near the well also has to be treated well, with any soil treatments being non-toxic as things like weedkillers can otherwise seep into groundwater supplies. It's even better if you can avoid using any chemicals at all in the area, and never mix chemicals near the well opening.

Maintaining the Water Quality

You'll need to have sediment removal and water-quality testing done on a regular basis. Also be aware that additional storage, such as for home heating oil and septic tanks, can leak, spread, and contaminate the soil near wells; any storage, even old and unused, needs inspection and repair unless you can permanently close them off and fill them in with something like concrete. Again, you'll need a contractor familiar with your state's laws to handle sealing these completely.

Maintaining the Pump

The pump machinery also has to be maintained. Inspect the pump visually on a frequent basis and have a contractor perform annual maintenance even if no one is using the pump. You have to maintain the entire system if you think that someday you or someone else will want to use the well. If you don't maintain it, you risk contaminating the groundwater source and making the well unusable, not to mention affecting the water in neighboring wells that might still be in use. A water well contractor or well services company can help you keep the well in top shape.

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