Considerations To Evaluate Before You Have A Farmhouse/Apron Sink Installed

Even as you think about cabinets, countertops, and paint colors for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project, don't forget to give careful consideration to the sink that you choose. Kitchen supply stores sell a variety of sinks that can cater to every homeowner, and while you might be tempted to simply get the same style of sink that you used to enjoy, this is the right time to think about other sinks. The terms "farmhouse" and "apron" are often used to describe sinks that are large, rectangular, and deep. This type of sink is highly desirable for many people, but here are some things to consider before you move forward.

Presence Of A Divider

Farmhouse/apron sinks are available with and without a divider. The latter gives you a large basin, while the former essentially leaves you with two smaller sinks. There are advantages to both styles, and a good way to decide which one is best for you is to think about how you expect to use the sink. If you're the type of family that does lots of dishes by hand and uses the approach of one sink full of soapy water and another of clean water for rinsing, a divided sink is probably best. Some families use their large kitchen sink to watch their family dog — in such a case, a sink without a divider will be ideal.

Cost Of Water

The fact that farmhouse/apron sinks are so large can be a strength and a weakness. The size of this style of sink makes it pleasant for washing dishes. In such a large environment, you're less likely to bang a dish against the side of the sink and crack or chip it. One downfall to a sink of this size is the amount of water that it takes to fill. As such, it's useful to consider your household's water costs. If the water in your area tends to be expensive, you may seldom want to fill a farmhouse/apron sink. In this case, a smaller sink might be better.

Sink Material

Because of their high-end nature, farmhouse/apron sinks are often available in several different finishes. While standard sinks are common in stainless steel and plastic, but few options beyond, farmhouse/apron sinks can come in such finishes as copper, stone, and more. Think about the look you're going for with your kitchen renovation so that you can be sure your new sink suits the environment around it.

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