Cedar Vs. Fiberglass Fencing

Installing a new perimeter fence to your property is a great way home remodeling project that will add style and security. Fence installation is a very popular DIY project because the work is not that technical. That is, you don't need to be an expert in finish carpentry to install a wooden fence. That being said, wood isn't always the best material for your fence. This article compares cedar wood to fiberglass fences.

Cedar Wood Fences

Cedar is a wood that has long been used in fencing, particularly on residential properties. It is a great species for exterior fence is because it is water resistant, warp resistant, and it ages beautifully. Many people love the way cedar changes colors and picks up an antique look as it gets older. A cedar fence has a natural, rustic look that is attractive for many types of properties. Most people prefer flat or dog-ear pickets. These are plain, with hidden rails for a lower profile and subtler design.

Cedar is also very affordable. Most people buy it raw and unpainted. This means the finish can be applied by the homeowners (which is a simple and affordable job) to make the project ever cheaper.

Homeowners also love wooden fences because they can be easily painted or stained. You can apply a solid-colored paint finish, or a tinted stain to define your fence. But, cedar, being a natural product, is always going to require more maintenance than a synthetic material like fiberglass.

Fiberglass Fences

Even homeowners that prefer the natural look of cedar wood understand why a material like fiberglass is so desirable. Fiberglass, compared to cedar is basically a zero maintenance product. It doesn't ever need to be painted, the paint finish is long lasting and waterproof. A waterproof material like fiberglass is going to make owning and maintaining your fence very simple over the years. If you simply want a solid white fence, fiberglass is might be the way to go. However, if you want the look of exposed wood grain, you should stick with Cedar, but expect that it will probably need a little more TLC over the years.

Both products can be equally durable and stylish, it just depends on your maintenance abilities and overall budget. If you are more interested in style and a natural look, wood is a great choice. If you just want something that is reliable and easy to take care, fiberglass is a better choice.