3 Exterior Painting Tips To Prevent Damage To Woodwork

Woodwork on the exterior of your home needs regular maintenance to protect it from the elements. Painting and repairs will ensure that wood lasts for many years without rot and expensive repair needs. Sanding old paint, using filler and waiting for dry weather to paint, are all things you can do to ensure your woodworking maintenance and painting projects are successful. Here are a few tips to help ensure the paint on the exterior of your home lasts:

1. Taking Care of Old Layers of Paint and Cleaning Wood

Over the years, the woodwork around your home may have several layers of paint, which can chip, peel and expose the wood beneath it. Before you paint wood, remove any chipped and peeling paint. In addition, go around with sandpaper or mechanical sander and smooth the surface of the old paint and exposed wood. Remove the dust by using a moist sponge to wipe the wood clean. Make sure there are no particles of dust before a new coat of paint is added because this debris will cause peeling and chipping of the new paint. For large wood painting projects such as, wood siding, you can use a pressure washer to clean the wood. If you use a pressure washer, make sure that it is on a low setting with a wide spray to avoid damaging the surface of materials.

2. Wood Filler, Rot and Small Repairs to Exterior Wood

The wood around your home's exterior may need repairs for problems like rot or other damage like cracks. Use wood filler to close cracks and repair small damage to woodwork. Before you fill a rotted area with wood filler, make sure that you remove all the rot. Use a screwdriver to remove loose materials, and then, use a drill to get down to healthy wood without rot. If too much of a piece of wood has rotted away, it is best to completely replace it.

3. Moisture and The Best Time to Paint Exterior Woodwork

When moisture gets trapped behind paint in wood, it is going to eventually lead to rot. Therefore, it is best to wait for the driest conditions to paint exterior woodwork. If you clean the dust from wood with a moist sponge, make sure that the wood has ample time to dry before painting.

Before you get started painting exterior wood, make sure that you do the maintenance and repairs that come first. Contact a home painting service to help with your projects to ensure exterior trim and other woodwork is well-cared for.