Quartz Vs Laminate: Which Is A Better Countertop Material?

If you are currently in need of new countertops, you might be trying to stay away from the more expensive materials like marble and granite. However, this doesn't mean you have to be stuck with plain and boring countertops just because they are cheap. There are quite a few materials that are affordable and very stylish. Two great options are quartz and laminate countertops. Here are some things to know about each ones o you can decide which is a better option for you.


Let's first look at each countertop material and what makes it different. The first option is laminate, which is not a solid material but a mixture of different types of materials. During manufacturing, these materials are placed in layers, including particleboard, plastic, paper, and resin. The finished product makes it look just like more expensive materials, without costing you a fortune.


The other option is to go with quartz countertops, which are made from mineral quartz and some other materials. These might include binding resins, glass, and even some marble materials. Since quartz is not a solid type of stone countertop, it is not going to be as expensive as marble or granite. You might see this labeled as engineered stone.

The Cost Differences

Now that you understand more about what the materials are, you can start looking at their differences. Cost is a good place to start, since you likely have turned to these materials for being less expensive than solid stone. If your budget is strict, laminate might be a better option for you. It is usually less expensive than quartz, both in the materials and the labor and installation. Unless you are installing the countertops yourself, you want to consider what a contractor will charge for the installation.                                                                                                                   

How They Look

In terms of the appearance of each of the countertops, they can both mimic natural stone, but quartz is more similar to it. This is because it does have some quartz stone in it, so it has a little bit of natural veining. Quartz also has more depth in the appearance, as opposed to laminate where up close, it is easier to see that it is not real stone. However, if you like the solid color look, laminate is a great option.

Their Durability

One good thing about both countertop options is that they are relatively durable. However, laminate countertops are better for handling heat, while quartz is a better option when you want to reduce abrasions in the material.