3 Things You Can Do While Waiting for a Construction Permit for Your Basement

Getting a house with an unfinished basement is like getting a blank slate of land. If you want to fix up your unfinished basement, you may need to get a construction permit for big changes. No matter if you want to make a basement movie room or you want to build a basement apartment, you will likely need to get a permit to change the structures of your home, including the electrical systems and building. While you are waiting on the city to approve your constructon permits, you should get started on the work that you can do. Here are three construction things that you can do without the permit. 

Strip away any old items

If you are doing a complete overhaul of your basement, you will need to start by getting rid of everything. Pull up the carpets and have these taken away from your home. You can remove old appliances that you will not use and take down any cabinetry or furnishings that will not be necessary for your new place. Order a large dumpster to take away the old items if you are doing a total overhaul. 

Take measurements and order the equipment

In expectation of your permits being approved, you should get together with your contractor and ask what items need to be ordered. It is always best to order the items ahead of time, so that when the permits come through, you can get started. Order the items that must be put in first, such as electrical items that must go behind the wall and flooring that will need to be put down immediately. Items that must be custom ordered should also be put in since these can take more time than normal stock items. Take the proper measurements and put in the necessary orders well in advance of the expected start date. 

Prepare the rest of the house

One good thing about waiting on construction permits is the chance to prepare the rest of the house for the impending construction. Make a clear walkway for construction workers to enter your home without anything being in the way. Lay down plastic to keep shoes with dirt from the outside from staining the flooring in you home. If the electrical needs changing, be sure to find proper flashlights so that you and your contractors can see inside of the basement if working in the dark. Setting up a proper workspace will make it easy and less stressful to start on the work after permits have gone through. 

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