When It Comes To Plumbing Services, A Flush Beats A Full House!

Plumbing, like electricity, is something we all take for granted but miss it horribly when it's not working. Many plumbing issues are fixable by homeowners, but some require the use of a plumbing services professional. It is important to not only consider inside plumbing but also outside plumbing too, which can cause one to require the help of a plumbing services professional, depending on the severity of the problem.

In fact, of all the things that invariably can, and do, go wrong with all the aspects of homeownership, plumbing is one of the easiest things to deal with. A leaky faucet and a clogged toilet are two examples. With a bit of advice, these are do-it-yourself issues that can be dealt with. But if you get something like exploding pipes, or undetermined leaks, it's time to call in the plumber.

One often overlooked problem is water pressure. A dribbling shower is at most just a nuisance and is a result of low water pressure. You can get a water pressure gauge at a hardware store and test it yourself. If the psi is less than 30, the pressure is too low. The cause of low pressure could be a leaky pipe (generally an easy fix), which should be addressed unless you want to pay high water bills and possibly cause damage to your home, particularly if the cause is caved in buried pipes. Situations like this require the help of a plumbing services professional who can assess the situation using a camera and can undertake the necessary repairs.

On the flip side is high water pressure. Use your pressure gauge and if the psi in this case is over 80, it's too high and could lead to stress on pipes and ultimately cause fittings to crack and fail. A plumbing services company can install a pressure regulator on your main line to keep the pressure correct. In either instance, it pays to call a plumbing service provider to check out your pressure and avoid serious damage and high water bills.

Your toilet is something you use every day and generally, aside from the occasional clog, nothing goes wrong. However, over time, even the porcelain throne has issues, and sometimes needs replacing. They can develop hairline cracks and leaks, which over time will become serious. Sometimes a plumbing service, such as Towers Murray Plumbing, can locate these and repair them, but at some point, replacement is the only option.