How To Improve Your Air Conditioner

Noticing that you are having to run your air conditioner for a longer period of time in order to see an improvement in your home's temperature? If this is the case, there are likely factors that are causing your air conditioner to run poorly. So before you continue to run your unit for a long duration of time, be sure to take advantage of these tips that can help revamp the performance of your unit:  

Relocate Your Condenser:

If your air conditioner's condenser isn't pulling in enough air, the performance of your air conditioner won't be ideal. This is why it is great to relocate your condenser if it is being blocked by the side of your home, yard fence, and even landscape. Relocating your unit can increase the air intake drastically and this can improve the overall performance of your system without having to perform any major services.

Replace Filters:

Filters are a quick and easy service that you can do on your own that can improve the efficiency of your system. Along with providing cleaner air for your home, replacing filters that may be covered in dust or debris can improve the airflow of your system and this can help deliver more air to your home in a shorter period of time. This can also improve the overall efficiency of your unit. So every few months be sure to check your filters to see whether or not they need to be replaced so you can keep up with your filter maintenance.

Improve Window Insulation:

Does your air conditioner unit feed through your window? If it does and your window has small side cracks, the delivery of your unit may be compromised and this can easily impact the overall performance of your unit. So on a regular basis be sure that you take the time to inspect for window cracks so you can fix them before they cause any real problems with your air conditioner.

Using these three tips can help you improve the efficiency of your unit more than you think and this can cut down the cost of your electricity bill, but most importantly it will allow you to cool your home in a quick time frame. So rather than continue to run your poorly operating air conditioner and potentially overpay on your electricity bill, try these tips and don't hesitate to contact a company like All American Air & Electric, Inc. if you have further questions.