Three Of Your Siding Questions Answered

Adding siding to your home can be a great option to increase its value and improve its appearance while also reducing the amount of work that will be needed to maintain its appearance. Yet, you may not have a lot of experience with this type of home exterior, which can result in you needing to have a few frequently asked siding questions and concerns addressed.

Why Is It Important To Keep The Siding Clean?

Siding will not require much maintenance, but it is important to make sure that you are regularly cleaning the siding. Over the course of time, many different substances will start to accumulate on the siding. These materials may eventually discolor the siding or otherwise compromise it by retaining moisture against it. To remove these materials, you will want to spray the siding with a pressure washer every year. Preferably, this maintenance should be done during the spring so as to remove these substances before the spring rains arrive.

Does Sunlight Cause Siding To Fade?

While siding is designed to last for many years, it is a reality that the intense light from the sun can start to break down the pigments in the siding. This can eventually have a bleaching effect on the siding. You can slow this effect by applying a sealant that protects against ultraviolet radiation. For the best protection, you will want to have the sealant applied every couple of years, as exposure to the elements will gradually start to break it down and wash it off the home's exterior.

Is Siding A Good Option For Homes In Storm-Prone Areas?

There is a routine misconception that siding is not a good option for homes that are in areas that routinely experience severe storms. This belief is due to the fear that the winds from these storms will cause the siding to fail or be torn off of the home. Luckily, siding is designed to withstand the conditions produced by strong storms. However, if you are particularly concerned with this risk, you can purchase siding that is designed for particularly high winds. This siding is more expensive than standard types, but the added protection is more than worth this additional initial expense.

Siding is a common addition for many homeowners to make. Yet, it is a reality that this upgrade can be misunderstood. Understanding that siding can be a durable choice for homes in storm-prone areas, the benefits of cleaning the siding on a regular basis, and the steps for protecting the color of the siding can greatly help you when deciding to make this improvement to your home. For more information on siding, contact a company like Side-Pro, Inc.