All About The Benefits Of Stud Welding

Are you designing a metal product that requires the parts to have a strong bond? Although flash welding equipment is able to create a satisfactory bond, you will get better results by opting for stud welding. A welding contractor can complete the task if you don't want to invest in your own stud welding equipment. In this article, you will gain more insight on why completing your project via the stud welding technique is in your best interest.

Great For Metal Parts That Are Painted

The perk of hiring a company to create bonds via stud welding is that it doesn't matter if your parts are painted or not. It is usually necessary for painting to be done after the bonds are created with the flash welding method. The reason is due to flash welding causing metal pieces to fly around, which can chip the paint. Stud welding is actually a lot less messy because metal pieces do not fly all around the workspace. The pieces will basically hit a ceramic shield as they begin to fly and fall down into a designated area of the workspace.

Studs Create Thick Bonds

Stud welding is the most ideal for your project because the bonds will be extremely difficult to break. For instance, studs will be placed between the metal parts before any melting of the metal is done to create bonds. The studs are thick and become even more secure as metal from the parts are melted them. The only thing that makes up the bond of products that are welded via the flash welding method is a portion the metal from the parts. Although flash welded parts can last for a while, they can be broken depending on the thickness of the metal.

Your Project Will Be Completed Fast

Welding metal parts together via the stud method leads to the task being done faster than when flash equipment is used. The speed stems from the studs making the bonds stay together, as the metal from the parts attaches the studs quickly. However, bonds via flash welding might break apart a few times before a secure bond is finally obtained.  The contractors end up spending more time on welding each part together with flash welding because of the nature of the bonds.

Get in touch with a professional contractor for assistance with completing your metal product via the use of stud welding equipment. Contact a company like Northland Fastening Systems for more info.