The Strength, Durability, And Security Of Residential Impact Doors

If you live in a geographical location that has intense weather activity or if you want extra security and safety for your home, you may want to consider the installation of custom impact doors for your residence. Impact doors can be constructed from wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and/or glass and offer the residential homeowner many advantages over the standard interior and exterior residential doors. Here are some of the advantages and features of residential impact doors:

  • The Weather Resistance of Impact Doors - Custom impact doors are built strong enough to withstand storm damage including rain, wind, and flying debris in all kinds of weather. The National Hurricane Center has standardized the sustained wind speeds of different winds that range from Category 1 to Category 5. These categories are considered dangerous and capable of causing damage to humans and building structures. Impact doors are made in compliance with code requirements established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to withstand wind, rain, and flying debris in all 5 categories. 
  • The Sizes and Shapes of Impact Doors - Custom impact doors are made to fit your unique residential doorways and can be installed in many sizes, shapes, and configurations. Single doorways, double doorways, garage access doorways, sliding glass doorways, and other interior and exterior doorways can all be installed with impact doors. All impact doors adhere to regulation door span width limits set by FEMA so they can properly withstand the pressure of different weather conditions. FEMA codes also specify the thickness requirements of the wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and double-paned glass that is used to create impact doors and rates them according to the amount of external pressure they can withstand, as well as their weatherproofing, durability, thermal protection, and corrosion resistance. 
  • The Energy Efficiency of Impact Doors - Custom impact doors are often installed to stabilize the interior temperature of a residence. This is done to control the amount of heat that is allowed into a residence in the spring and summer and the amount of cold that is allowed into a residence in the fall and winter. Impact doors can greatly improve the energy efficiency of a residence and reduce utility costs in all seasons. 
  • The Appearance of Impact Doors - Custom impact doors and door sashes look exactly like other standard residential doors and door sashes except they are built stronger and more efficient. The door frames and sills on impact doors are strengthened as well as the door locks and door handles. All impact doorway hardware is constructed with stainless steel anchors, fasteners, and hardware.  

Custom impact doors can greatly improve the safety and security of your home, make it considerably more soundproof, and also enhance your home's resale value. An investment in custom impact doors can be a great asset to your residence and keep your family safe, secure, and confident in any situation or weather condition.