A Big Storm Is Coming: 3 Simple Steps To Waterproof Your Home

A big winter storm is due to pass through your area in a few days. If you haven't waterproofed your home in a while, you don't have to panic. There's still time to get your home ready for the wet weather. Here are three simple steps you can do to make sure your home is properly prepared for the storm.

Seal the Basement

If you have a basement, that's the first place you should start your waterproofing project. Wet basement walls can lead to mold growth and even structural damage. This is particularly true if the water remains on the concrete for too long. Before the storm hits, apply a fresh application of waterproof sealant. For maximum protection, you should apply the sealant to the interior and exterior basement walls. If your basement floors are also concrete, then you should apply a layer of waterproof sealant there as well.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Hot water
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Garden sprayer
  • Wire scrub brush
  • Waterproof sealant
  • Paint pan
  • Foam paint rollers


  1. Fill your garden sprayer with hot water and 3 cups of chlorine bleach.
  2. Spray the bleach solution on your concrete walls and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes.
  3. Scrub the concrete with your wire brush.
  4. Allow the concrete to air dry.
  5. Pour the waterproof sealant into your paint pan.
  6. Use the foam paint roller to apply a generous coat of sealant to your basement walls.
  7. Allow the sealant to dry for about 3 hours and apply a second coat.

Prepare a Backup Plan

Water can build up quickly in your basement, especially if you don't have a water removal system in place. That's where a sump pump comes in handy. Your sump pump will remove the water before it has a chance to cause damage. Unfortunately, sump pumps can become inundated if excessive amounts of water flow into your basement. You can prevent problems by having a secondary, or back-up, sump pump installed in your basement. A back-up will allow you to bypass your main pump, should it malfunction.

Clean the Gutters

If you have rain gutters installed on your home, you need to make sure they're cleaned out before the big storm hits. Your gutters will ensure that water flowing off the roof doesn't gather around the foundation of your home. Here's a simple way to get your gutters ready for the storm.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Ladder
  • Garden hose
  • Whisk broom
  • High-pressure nozzle


  1. Climb on your ladder and look inside your gutters.
  2. Use your whisk broom to remove any dirt and debris you might find.
  3. Attach the high pressure nozzle to your hose.
  4. Wash your gutters out using your garden hose.
  5. Continue flushing water through the gutters until the dirt and debris has been washed away.

If you detect any damage to your gutters, contact companies like D & M Exteriors that specialize in gutter installation and repair.