3 Ways To Upgrade Your Current Kitchen Cabinets To Save Money On Remodeling

If your kitchen cabinets are too dull and plain for your liking, you may be tempted to replace them entirely. If you don't have a large budget, this may be a costly endeavor that can put you out $4,000 to $5,000 for a basic style. This may not even include installation costs. If you don't have a large amount of money to spend but still want updated cabinets, consider doing an upgrade on your current cabinets instead. Here are 3 ways you can do this. 

Install new knobs

New knobs can give your current cabinets a fresh appeal that is more modern and inviting. Brass, stainless steel, or even colorful ceramic knobs can be placed on your cabinets to give them the pop of color and contemporary appeal you are hoping for. You can buy these knobs in bulk online or at your local home improvement store and hire a cabinet maker or contractor to place them on for you. This type of upgrade is a fraction of the cost of new cabinets, and hiring a professional to place them on for you ensures that you have an even, secure fit that will last.

Engrave your wooden cabinet doors

Laser engraving is a creative way to customize your wooden cabinet doors and drawer panels so they have a welcome appeal. When you remove your cabinet doors to be engraved, a professional laser engraver (a contractor with a specialty or a cabinet maker) will sand down your wooden cabinets so they can then engrave them with borders, vines, or other personalized touches you desire. Certain wood types take to engraving better than others, such as oak, maple, or walnut, so check with a professional to see if engraving is an option for your wooden cabinets.

Add some color

A few gallons of paint and a sander can turn your cabinets from lackluster to bursting with lovely color that can make them look totally transformed. Mint can make your kitchen appear larger and brighter, while red can add a coffeehouse appeal that is both quirky and charming. Other cabinet hues to consider for your kitchen include:

  • canary yellow
  • navy
  • spring green
  • lavender

When painting your cabinets (don't forget your drawers, too), keep in mind the style of countertops, flooring, and your home's overall color scheme so you choose a hue that will blend well in your kitchen.

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets doesn't take a lot of work or money to give your space the modern appeal you want. From changing your cabinet knobs to doing custom engraving, there are many ways you can turn your current cabinets into something bold and beautiful in your home.

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