Three Habits That Can Help You Avoid A Premature Furnace Breakdown

Keeping the name and number of a reputable furnace repair company, such as Kohl Heating & Air Conditioning, on hand can save you untold hassles in the event of a furnace breakdown. You won't want your home to be without a heat source for long, and having a repair technician visit you promptly can get the repair process started. When your furnace is back up and running, it's important to adopt habits that can prevent a premature breakdown. These habits can ensure that your furnace runs properly for years to come and saves you from the unexpected hassle of a breakdown.

Take The Time To Program Your Thermostat

Familiarizing yourself with the thermostat connected to your furnace can take a little patience, but devoting the time to programming it can prevent the furnace from running unnecessarily. A common strategy is to set the thermostat to allow the temperature inside your home to drop a few degrees in the middle of the day and again at night. Doing so won't really impact your life -- you'll either be away at work or warm in your bed. It will, however, mean that your furnace gets a break from running incessantly, which can prevent wear. The added bonus of this habit is that it will save money on your heating bill.

Find And Fix Air Leaks

Small air leaks are common in many homes and while they might not seem overly harmful, they cause your furnace to run longer than necessary to maintain your desired temperature. Notice any spots in your home that feel drafty -- it's common to experience this feeling around doors and windows. Replacing the sweep on the bottom of a problematic door is a simple way to prevent cold air from entering your home, while insulating any problematic windows with specially designed plastic shrink wrap for the winter months will mean the furnace won't be running more than it should.

Use Your Dryer Heat

Your clothes dryer produces a significant amount of heat that you lose through the vent to the outside of your home. It can be worthwhile to install an indoor dryer vent kit, which allows the hot air from the appliance to pass through a filter and into your home. This simple step can greatly improve the heat inside your home, allowing your furnace to take a break. The reduced usage of the furnace often means that it will be less likely to develop a problem in the near future.