Does Granite Flooring Tower Over Marble Flooring? The Answer Is Here!

Natural stone flooring is growing in popularity today, and in fact it is often considered to be one of the most desirable features for any home. Stone flooring is easy to clean and can be maintained very easily with regular stone polishing. Two of the most popular options in stone flooring today are marble and granite.

The Composition of the Stone

One of the reasons that granite tends to rank high on the floor rating scale is that it is the most durable of rocks. Granite is actually made up of three different minerals, including: 

  1. Feldspar: Feldspar makes up the biggest portion of the granite composition. It is white in color and is easily noticeable because of its vibrant white veins. 
  2. Biotite: Biotite is perhaps better known as mica. The mica present in granite floors is black in color. It shows up as inky black flakes, which contrast starkly with the white color of the feldspar.
  3. Quartz Crystal: Quartz crystal is almost diamond-like in its shine and in its ability to reflect light. The quartz crystal within the granite is seen as many tiny flecks of shiny grey. 

Marble is very different in composition because it is made almost entirely of Calcite. Calcite is just as visually striking as the minerals that compose granite, though it is considerably softer and less durable. However, many people feel that this lower durability is offset by its much lower price. With marble, you can get the look of granite, but for less money.

Which Is Right for You?

If money is a major concern, marble might be the best choice for your home. The life of a marble floor can be maximized with regular professional cleaning or even with marble resurfacing when the floor begins to show wear. Granite is a good choice if you are looking for the maximum lifespan from your floors. Granite floors may last as long as 40 to 50 years. Both granite and marble floors can maintain their beauty and functionality the best if a stone sealant is used. 

Since the appearance of granite and marble is quite similar, appearance may not be a major factor in choosing between the two. Granite has more natural variations since it is made up of more unique minerals, but some people can't tell the difference in granite and marble at first glance. Choosing the right one for the floors in your home can be challenging but fun! To keep up the condition of your stone, find a professional that specializes in stone polishing Riverside, CA.