Low Maintenance Lawns

Mowing, weed whacking, and trimming grass in the hot sun can make having a big lawn a big hassle. A big grassy lawn can also require a sprinkler system and lots of water in order to keep it in tip-top shape. With drought becoming a big issue in many parts of the United States, a yard composed of high maintenance grass may not be the best choice. Luckily there are many options available for those who want a low-maintenance yard.

Artificial Turf

For those who want a green lawn year round, artificial turf is a great choice. Artificial turf is incredibly low maintenance with no watering, mowing, or fertilizing required. Artificial turf is also a great choice for lawns that are used by families. Traditional grass lawns often get worn down in children's play areas due to constant footfalls. Artificial turf does not wear nearly as easy and can look great in high traffic areas for years. Artificial turf also has the added benefit of being much cleaner than a traditional yard. With artificial turf there's no mud or grass to track into the home. This can help keep entry ways and mudrooms much cleaner.

Sedge and Turf Grass

Another option that works well for low maintenance lawns is sedge. Sedge is a grass-like plant that is very drought tolerant as well as very low maintenance. Sedge looks like grass and works well as an addition to any lawn. Homeowners may find that replacing some of the grass on their lawns with sedge can help make taking care of their lawns an easier task. Turf grass is another low maintenance option for lawns. Turf grasses require very little mowing and do not need much water once they are established in a yard. Turf grass blends are available for different growing zones and the best choice for this type of grass will vary from area to area.

No Grass At All

One way to have a low maintenance lawn is by having no lawn to begin with. Replacing grass with patios or even pea gravel is a great way to keep things low maintenance. There are also other plant options that can be used instead of a traditional grass lawn. Edible landscaping is becoming an increasingly popular option. This type of landscaping involves planting edible plants such as fruits and vegetables instead of grass. These plants look nice and are a tasty alternative to a high maintenance grass lawn.

Low maintenance lawns are gaining popularity in many parts of the US, especially in drought-stricken areas. Switching out a grass lawn for artificial turf, sedge, turf grass, or even no grass at all is a great way to get a low-maintenance lawn.