Unique Ideas For Temporary Fencing In A Pinch

Ask most pet owners with a fenced in yard about those unusual times when they had to grab something out of the yard or the outdoor shed to make a repair in the fencing. Keeping your animals and children inside your fence is extremely important. Check out some of these quick fixes for your fencing. You never know when the time lay come you will have to make a fast, temporary fence repair.

Fencing And Large Metal Drums

Some people save metal drums for storing products like pet food. However, if your dog decides to dig a hole under the fence, you may need a quick fix until you can get the proper materials for making permanent repairs. A fifty five gallon metal drum works perfectly to plug a hole dug under your fence. Be sure to place a brick or two inside it for ensuring it is too hard for your dog to budge. If you have a roll of left over fencing, you can also use it to block the a hole under your fencing. Rolled up fencing is a great temporary fix and will keep your animals inside your fence until you make permanent repairs.

Broken Gates And Tips For Making Quick Fixes

If you are a dog owner and have a fenced yard specially for keeping your dog in, the last thing you need is a failing gate. Stacking concrete blocks or other heavy items against the gate is never a good quick fix. Old leashes make an excellent temporary fix. Wind the leashes, one at a time, up the side of the broken hinge, tying them as you go to the fence post. In a way, it is like sewing two parts of your fence together with a leash. Winding and tying leashes on both side of your gate can hold it until you get the materials you need to make a permanent repair. Keeping old leashes is a good idea.When tying gates together with a leash, using one made from nylon is best for the greater results.

Making do with items you have around your home for making a temporary fence repair can make the difference in your animals or children getting out of the yard and getting hurt. Never rely on a temporary fence repair for too long. If you do not have the time to make proper repairs, you should contact a fencing contractor like A & R Rent-A-Fence to ensure the safety of your backyard.