3 Common Signs That Your Air Conditioner Ducts Are Leaking

Cracks or settling in your home's heating and cooling ducts can cause air to leak into your walls or back outside. This can leave your home uncomfortably hot during the summer and drive up your electric bill. Fixing the problem requires the work of an air conditioning service technician from a company like Arendosh Heating & Cooling, but you can determine whether that's the likely problem before you call a technician.

Leaking air ducts can become a serious, system-wide issue. It's best to call a technician as soon as you suspect a leak so that the damage to your walls for duct access can be kept to a minimum.

Unusually High Electricity Bill

Has your electricity bill spiked suddenly with no apparent cause? Have you recently bought a house and found the electricity far higher than the area average? These can be signs of duct leakage.

However, if you've recently purchased a new appliance or moved into a home with existing appliances it's a good idea to make sure the appliances aren't causing the bill spike. You can purchase an electricity usage monitor online or at some hardware stores. The monitor plugs into the outlet and the appliance then plugs into the monitor.

You can check the readout after a day or week to see how much electricity it is using. If the usage seems excessive, your bill might be due to that appliance and not have anything to do with the air ducts.

Uneven Air Distribution

Are certain rooms in your home far hotter than others during the summer even when the air conditioner is running? This could be a sign of your ducts leaking, but you need to rule out a couple of other problems first.

Check that the vents in the room are fully open and unblocked by furniture or belongings. If the vents are fine, check the windows. On a particularly hot, breezy day, stand next to a closed window and see if you can feel any hot air coming through. This is a sign that your windows are poorly insulated and are allowing in too much hot air for your air conditioner to counteract.

Dusty or Allergen-Inducing Air

Does your entire home – or specific rooms – keep accumulating dust no matter how much you clean? Is any resident experiencing terrible seasonal allergy symptoms even when spending time inside the closed-up house?

If your ducts are cracked near the access point outside your home, that outside air can make its way straight into your ducts rather than passing through the air conditioning filter first.  

You can buy a whole house air purifier as a short-term solution. But you will ultimately want to call an air conditioner repair technician for a longer term solution.