3 Maintenance Items To Negotiate Into Your Home Purchase

Are you buying a new home? One of the most critical stages of the home buying process comes right after the home inspection. You'll be presented with a number of items that may need to be repaired. If they're major, you'll likely want to ask the seller to either make the repairs or mark down the sales price.

However, it's not just major repairs that you can ask for. The house also may be in need of maintenance. You can ask the seller to perform the maintenance before you move in, which will ensure that your new home isn't in need of costly upkeep. Here are three types of maintenance you may want to request.

Air conditioning tune-up.

Air conditioners can accumulate dirt, mildew, and other debris, which can affect the unit's overall effectiveness. They can also form condensation, which can then freeze and cause damage to the unit and to your pipes. If your new home has an older air conditioners, a tune-up can eliminate these hazards and get the unit back to peak working condition. That can maximize your air conditioner's efficiency, reduce your energy costs, and lower the likelihood that you may need a major repair in the future. Ask the seller to throw in an air conditioning tune-up before you close on the home.

Roof inspection and repair.

During most home inspections, the inspector doesn't actually get on the roof. Instead, he or she will use binoculars to view the roof from the ground. If there is any noticeable damage, he or she may recommend a repair. However, viewing from the ground may not be sufficient to notice problems like loose shingles or worn flashing.

Instead, ask for a roof inspection. A roofing company will get on the roof and mark any areas where water and air can get into the home. They can then replace any loose shingles or deteriorated flashing.

Septic tank pumping.

If your new home has a septic tank, you may want to ask the seller to pump it before you move in. If the tank gets too full or clogged, you'll have nasty odors coming into the home from your drains. You could even have back flow leaking into your home. By getting it pumped before you close, you can rest assured that the tank is clean, empty, and ready for use. You'll also know exactly when the last pump was, so you can set a regular pumping schedule.

For more information about septic pumping, contact a septic maintenance company in your area like H&R Complete Inc.. They can pump the tank and make you aware of any other issues that may be present in the septic system.