Professional Protection: Let A Marine Construction Company Build Docks And Landings

If you own property that is along a river or lake, you have probably thought about building a small dock and keeping a boat or two at the ready. However, even if the dock you're thinking of is going to be small, it's not something you really want to construct yourself. When building a dock or landing, you can't just stand a few logs upright in a sandy bank and attach a horizontal plank. To ensure that you cover all legal, safety, and environmental issues when building a dock, have a marine construction company do the work instead.

Not Just for the Big Jobs

Marine construction companies are not limited to working on large projects along commercial oceanfront harbors or in the middle of gulfs and oceans. They can do any construction that involves a water-based environment. Some companies might limit the types of work they do, such as limiting projects to government-based projects, but many companies work on private civilian projects.

They Have a System

When building a dock or landing, even in a small lake or calm river, you have to take the type of wood, whether it's covered in preservatives or not, the seismic risks in the area, the weight of the people who will be walking on the dock, water levels, flood risk, and many other factors into account. And that's before you get to your state and city's legal requirements.

It can be very difficult for a small company or private landowner to keep track of everything that has to be checked out and arranged. You might end up using the wrong materials or forgetting that spring ice thawing can send blocks of ice crashing past the docks supports, for example. A marine construction crew will know not to use wood preservatives on the wood, for instance -- the preservatives can worsen water quality -- and they will be able to calculate how far down the pilings for the dock need to go to provide enough stability. They can also determine whether the conditions in the spot where you want the dock are actually too unstable to allow for safe construction.

And they can keep track of that all, easily. These are builders who have gone through this routine many times. They know what to look out for and when to contact local officials for permission to build. And if something isn't working out like you thought it would, they can suggest alternatives. For more information, contact Abbott's Construction Services Inc. or a similar company.