3 Tips For Creating Swimming Pools In Small Yards

If your home only has a small yard, you may have thought that you did not have the option for providing a swimming pool. Fortunately, custom pools are available in a number of sizes and styles, so that even a tiny yard can provide the relaxation and exercise associated with swimming.

However, there are several facts that you should discuss with your pool designer, before choosing the final product:

Choose The Right Material For An Appropriately Sized Pool

It is first necessary to understand that while a pool can be made of fiberglass, vinyl or concrete, it can be challenging to find manufacturers who make all of the different sizes that you will need in all of the materials.

For example, some manufacturers do not provide as many choices for fiberglass pools. As a result, very small pools are often created from concrete and vinyl.    

It is important to note that inground pools can be made to hold both concrete and vinyl, both of which can be made in almost any size or style.

Consider A Free-form Pool

When planning for your new pool, it is easy to consider only the pool and forget the space around the pool. For example, a gate, grill or patio area with lawn chairs can also use up a lot of the already limited space in your yard.    

Therefore, the free-form pool has become very popular in many areas in recent years. For example, you will note that a free form pool can get very close to the back or side of your yard, to make the best possible use of all existing space.

In addition, it is also a more creative and unique approach to swimming pools, since the pool is designed according to the specifications of your yard, which is unlikely to be completely identical to someone that you know.  

Keep The Design Simple

If you have been considering installing a pool for some time, you may have already noticed the different options you can add on to your new pool. However, if you already have limited space, a waterfall is often a more attractive choice when it does not use any extra space.

Fortunately, the waterfall can be designed to come from a wall, so you can provide an improved aesthetic appeal without sacrificing the size of your pool. Minimizing the impact of add-ons can also be helpful for planning backdrops, stairs and even the landscaping surrounding the pool.

In conclusion, a swimming pool can provide hours of enjoyment for your friends and family. Due to new advancements in the field of pool design, you can probably enjoy its benefits, regardless of the size of your yard, as tiny pools are a viable and accessible option for home-owners in most areas.

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