Two Common Well Water Issues You May Encounter

There are many homes that rely on groundwater to provide the occupants with fresh clean water. Unfortunately, extracting this water can be a highly technical task that requires specialized equipment, and you may encounter any number of problems that can compromise the quality of your home's water. In particular, there are two common problems that those relying on groundwater may eventually encounter, and when these issues arise, you will likely have questions that need answering. 

What Should You Do If You Suspect Your Water Made Your Sick?

There are many microorganisms that thrive in groundwater, and while most of these are harmless, there are some that can cause severe illness. Fortunately, if you suspect that your well water made you or a family member ill, there are steps you can take to confirm and correct the problem. 

The first step will be to have the water tested. This can usually be done by simply sending a sample of the water to a laboratory or local well maintenance professional. In instances where dangerous bacteria are present, there is no way to remove these organisms from the source water, but you can add a chlorinator to your system to neutralize them. While this may seem like an expensive upgrade, it is the best option for ensuring that your household avoids recurring instances of severe stomach illness. 

How Do You Correct Sand In The Water?

Another common issue that you may encounter is sand in the water coming out of your faucet. While your well pump is designed to filter these materials before they reach your home, it is possible for the filter to occasionally malfunction. Often, this problem stems from one of two easily corrected causes. 

Failure to properly change and clean the filter is probably the most common cause for this problem. As a filter becomes filled with sand and dirt, it will start to struggle to prevent some of these materials from making it through. By changing or cleaning the filter, you may find that the problem is corrected.

The other common cause is for a misaligned filter. As time progresses, vibrations from the pump and the pressure of the water can cause a filter to become slightly misaligned. If it is not in perfect alignment, small particles can slip through.

Your home's well is an essential component for providing you with fresh water, but there are some routine problems that can impact the comfort of your home. By knowing what to do when you suspect bacterial contamination or have sand in your water, you can quickly have these problems addressed with minimal disruptions. For more information, contact a company like Mike's Pump and Well Service LLC.