7 Reasons To Hire A Professional Electrician

When it comes to hiring a contractor to come do a job, many homeowners try to save a few bucks by watching a video on the Internet and doing the job themselves. However, when it comes to electrical issues, it is always better to call a certified, professional electrician, and here are seven good reasons why:

  1. Safety. Electricity is very dangerous to work with, especially if you have had no experience with it before. Certified electricians know proper protocols and how to manage with it with little to no injury. Failing to properly handle electricity could end up fatally for you and your DIY helpers.
  2. Everything is up to code. If you aren't in this industry, chances are you don't know how to do a job up to the current code laws. Are you placing your outlets with the proper distance between them? Are you making sure you are hooked up to the meter correctly? A certified electrician knows how to keep your home up to code.
  3. Following the Laws. Another lawful consideration is knowing which jobs require a permit. A certified electrician is required to know these essential details, helping you avoid a run in with city officials down the road.
  4. Saves you time. Very few jobs are done as quickly as the video tutorial online. Many rookies have to watch the video several times and consult search engine results to questions many times during a single job. Many small jobs end up taking all day, where a professional could do the job in just a portion of the time.
  5. Saves you money. A common problem of doing a job yourself is not being able to do the job correctly in the end. Sometimes problems arise that you don't know how to deal with either. This means that you have to call out a professional to not only fix the original problem, but fix the other problems you created as well. All of this means it costs you more than it would have if you had called a certified electrician first.
  6. A higher home resell value. If the electricity in your home is not up to code, not done correctly, or fails a home inspection, you will not be able to price your home as high. Instead, you will have to spend a lot of money to fix everything or drop the home price to allow the new homeowners to do it.
  7. Liability. Causing a major problem to your electrical system during a repair is generally not covered under home insurance. However, if a professional electrician causes the problem, they have their own coverage that protects you and your house.