6 Trends For Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinets you choose tend to serve as the backdrop for your entire kitchen design. They can also have implications for how conveniently your work gets done. You want good quality cabinets with solid wood framing and fronts because they last. However, after getting that basic choice out of the way, choose from one of the trends home cooks have found useful and pleasing in their kitchen cabinetry.  

Glass Fronts

Glass-fronted wooded cabinets aren't new on the scene. Rather, they're very popular because of their aesthetic value. If you have a lot of cabinetry in your kitchen, the glass fronts break up the solid space. They also allow you to display your finer pieces of kitchenware. White is a classic for glass fronts, but the panes can be incorporated into any color palette.

Neutral Gray

Gray is ever an elegant shade. Despite being a relatively new trend, according to Better Homes and Gardens, gray is versatile enough to fit into any kitchen style. Therefore, it's the perfect neutral. For small kitchens, select lighter shades. Warm undertones tend to warm up your space. However, if your goal is a cool kitchen ambiance, select a gray with blue undertones.

Bright Shades

On the opposite end of the spectrum from gray, cabinets can come in bright shades, too. You have options ranging from pistachio ice cream green to sunshine yellow. Such bright cabinets work best in eclectic, cottage or Victorian kitchens. If opting for bright hues in your cabinetry, keep the rest of your color palette relatively subdued.

Dark Stains

Another option for coloration is a dark stain over natural wood. One popular example of this is an ebonizing finish. In this case, the wood is finished with a black stain. Sometimes the stain is light enough that the wood grain still shows through, but the finish can also be all black. Such finishes offer a dramatic touch to your kitchen and work especially well with modern or contemporary styles.

Embellished Fronts

Regardless of the color you choose, consider also your embellishment options. Simple Shaker-style doors are a classic, offering clean lines to your kitchen. However, you can opt for more embellished cabinetry as well. For instance, arched openings and moldings offer a feeling of elegance. Add fancy feet and under-counter corbels, and your kitchen glows with a touch of whimsy.

Specialized Storage

The ultimate purpose of cabinets, of course, is storage. However, gone are the days of having simple fixed shelving inside. Cabinet doors hide sliding drawers. Spaces can be customized for cookie sheets or over-sized mixers. Drawers can include storage inserts for everything from silverware to wine bottles. When choosing specialized storage options, consider your work habits and what would make them run more smoothly.

Whether you're remodeling or starting from scratch, give special attention to an essential component in your kitchen, the cabinetry. Choose the trends that fit best with your style and work habits. Contact professionals, such as those from Artistic Kitchens Ltd, for further assistance.