Want To Envoke Creativity In Your Staff? 4 Tips For Designing A Productive Office Space

Are you hoping to create a productive, creative workspace for your staff? If you are redecorating or designing a new office space, you want to make it a place that employees are happy to come to and work hard every day. Here are some ideas for creating a happy, productive, and creative workspace:

Use "Happy" Colors

One of the easiest ways to define a room is with the paint color on the walls. If you are hoping to generate massive amounts of inspiration and creative energy in your employees, do not paint the walls a boring shade of beige or white. Instead, focus on brighter colors that evoke that sense of excitement in your team. Colors such as mustard yellow or a deep lime green are really nice, happy colors that lend nicely to a creative staff.

Don't Use Florescent Lighting

There's no doubt about it; florescent lighting is almost downright depressing. Most people would agree that the only benefit to that type of lighting is that it is cost efficient. It is so drab and does nothing to inspire anyone to do creative work. If you are designing your office space from the ground up, consider not having any florescent lighting installed. Instead, go for deeper forms of overhead lighting such as track lighting or spot lights. If you must have florescent lighting, consider supplementing it with more attractive lights in the form of floor lamps or light fixtures.

Allow Employees to Bring in Personal Effects

Most people are their most creative when they are happy in their work space. What better way to make your staff happy than to allow them to bring in their own personal items into their work area? Photos, their child's art work, or a favorite painting are just a few examples of items that can breathe new life into an office space. Even if they are relegated to an open office design or cubicles, it will be so much more pleasant and productive if you allow them to bring in something that is special to them.

Create Zones

When you are setting up your office workspace, another thing to encourage thought and creativity is to set up certain zones. Think about where people congregate the most; this is often where some of the best ideas are born. Instead of rows and rows of desks or cubicles, think about some other seating ideas that are conducive to conversation. Set up a couple of sofas in one area of the room that will allow people to feel relaxed and open about their thoughts. When they need to work on their own, you can set up the private work areas on another corner of the room away from the most traffic.

A happy office space is a creative office space. If you need help with your design, consider enlisting the help of an office designer or architect to help you decide what to do in your workspace.