Stay On Top Of Those Sprinklers: How Your Sprinklers Can Affect City Roadways

You know the importance of keeping your lawn sprinklers in good shape to ensure even watering and healthy grass, but did you know that properly working sprinklers also protect the street next to your home? If you're a homeowner with a front lawn that extends right up to the street, you have to ensure your sprinklers don't clog or break, which can send water shooting out in strange directions.

If the water hits the street when the temperature is falling, it can freeze and create havoc for the asphalt. That increases the amount of repairs the city has to do, which can increase your taxes if the cost becomes too great.

Repairs Cost Money

Every time the city repairs a road, be it a small pothole or a long crack, it has to pay contractors or city workers to do the job. The work also uses up supplies and fuel. All of that means that when the city does repairs, it spends money. If it has to spend too much money, then it passes the cost onto residents in the form of higher taxes and fees.

Protecting the roadway is essential. There's not much you can do if rain falls as the temperature drops, but you can do your part to ensure you don't add to the problem. That means making sure your sprinklers work well and aren't leaking or spraying in the wrong direction.

Cold Fronts Aren't Always Predictable

Remember that cold fronts can come in early or late in the year. You might have already started trying to revive your lawn after a long winter, only to have a surprise front blow in, lowering the temperature. If you forget to re-program the timer on the sprinklers, you could end up with ice. If the sprinklers are sending water into the roadway, then you could contribute to cracking and pothole formation.

Remember that cracks in asphalt aren't always visible. They may be tiny cracks that you can't see but that are big enough to let water droplets through. When the temperature drops, the water droplets freeze. Ice expands, so you can guess what happens to rigid, frozen asphalt that can't stretch to accommodate the ice. If this happens enough, the crack can become very big, or the asphalt can start to chip apart and form a hole.

Your Sprinkler System Maintenance Saves City Roads

For the sake of the road next to your house, get your sprinklers inspected and serviced regularly. Don't let them sit for years without a good checkup because one day, you could turn them on only to find they've gone haywire. And that does not bode well for any nearby asphalt -- or your tax budget.

To learn more, contact a company like Bituminous Roadways, Inc. with any questions you have.