3 Reasons To Build Your Driveway Out Of Asphalt

Constructing a new driveway for your home is a great investment as it can improve your home's value and curb appeal. Two of the most common driveway materials are concrete and asphalt, but asphalt does have a few advantages over concrete. Three reasons to build your driveway out of asphalt are that it is hard to damage, easy to repair, and handles cold weather well. 

Hard To Damage

One of the biggest reasons to build your driveway out of asphalt instead of concrete is that asphalt is harder to damage. When it comes to concrete driveways, dropping a heavy item on the driveway can cause cracks to form. However, since an asphalt driveway flexes in response to the weight placed on it, it will not crack when something heavy is dropped on it. 

The flexibility of asphalt also protects your driveway from cracking due to heavy vehicles being parked or driven across it a lot. Even if you park very large construction vehicles on the asphalt surface, it will simply flex to accommodate the weight. 

Easy To Repair

An asphalt driveway is also going to be much easier to repair than a concrete one. A concrete driveway will often need to be replaced entirely if you want to get rid of any chips or cracks. However, you can simply patch an asphalt driveway.

In most cases, to repair an asphalt driveway will require that you apply a patching solution that you can find in most home improvement stores. All you really need to do is remove the broken pieces of asphalt and fill in the gaps with the patching solution.

Handles Cold Weather Well

Finally, asphalt is a great material to use if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and ice. Asphalt handles cold weather so well because it will not crack due to the cold, ice, and snow. With a concrete driveway, water and snow can get into any existing seams and cracks and cause them to get larger when it freezes, while an asphalt driveway will simply flex and accommodate the ice. 

In addition, the dark color of an asphalt driveway can also make your driveway much easier to clear in the winter. This is because the dark asphalt surface will absorb light rather than reflect it, which will cause the driveway to warm up and melt the snow and ice.

Speak to your local contractor at places like Bonness Inc today in order to discuss your options for building an asphalt driveway. An asphalt driveway is perfect if you want something that will handle cold weather well, is easy to repair, and difficult to damage.